Hello there!

What we are building now

Welcome to the very first of our Sunday newsletter, where we would like to bring you in on the things we are working on under the hood. We think we can write this every other Sunday. And this one is a special one, apart from being the first, it is also our first after the initial launch of the website. And it has been an amazing experience so far! We’ve seen a healthy traffic from day one, and the whole social media scene is pretty great.

Of everything, getting your support for this project and the awesome feedback has been the cherry on top. We always imagined this to be a community-driven project and now it looks like something we can achieve and do really well. So much that, with all of your recommendations, we are already knee-deep for our next major update to the website, like wow, its just amazing. Super hyped to show it to you all pretty soon (we are eying for the coming Friday). 

So our plan was to have phase-one launch on social media platforms so that we can now get this in your hands and you could tell us what you think. And now its time to take it to the next level, beyond our friends and folks and put it out. Hopefully end up in websites and magazine articles. So if you know any pages, blogs or even magazines, it would be tremendous help to catapult the project. This next phase of release starts with ProductHunt. Its a platform where if we can enough noise, we could get a more extensive early-adopter audience. So if you haven’t used or heard about the platform, do check it out, upvote ideas and projects you like, there are a lot of amazing creators over there.

So yeah, if you have any feedback on how we could improve, any people we could connect with or any queries regarding anything, just ping us up at reach@sundaygrids.com and that sends your email to our personal mailboxes, and we would respond to you asap!

Cheers! You guys are awesome

And stay safe (Its like every day has a new record-high outbreak)